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Stable, high-performance, malfunction-free

We guarantee safe and stable connections, as well as high-performance and malfunction-free transfer of energy throughout the entire system.

Thanks to comprehensive simulations and testing, we always provide the optimum solution for your specific requirements. Applications in tough conditions (such as vibrations, dust, heat and moisture) are taken into account as early as the design phase. Products are also subject to testing throughout production to ensure compliance with strict standards and guidelines. Annual certifications regularly and reliably confirm the high standard of BREMI's production operations across all sites throughout the world.

Battery cables

BREMI battery cables reliably transfer energy while also saving weight. Significant weight reductions, particularly in the case of large cross sections, contribute not only to fuel savings but also conservation of resources.

Engine cabling

BREMI engine cabling excels thanks to its speed of installation on the assembly line. Early and close collaboration between the customer's development team and the production operations at BREMI guarantees time-saving and delay-free fitting to the vehicle.

Cab cabling

During the planning phase, BREMI cab cabling for commercial and special vehicles is designed to save time during installation, which allows delay-free installation in the respective vehicle. We develop cabling systems for on-board networks, central electrics, displays, steering columns and joysticks.

Control cabinets

BREMI control cabinet cabling excels thanks to its speed of installation, as well as its flexible and quick adaptability. We produce small and medium quantities for diverse applications at various locations.